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Working Together
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BG5 Leadership Consulting

Schedule a 45 minute Strategy Session if you want to up your game and lead from a place of natural power. My BG5 Leadership Consulting will give you the tools you need to avoid burnout, frustration and anger. 


You can count on me to help you adapt to the changing environment and put your life back into balance.  I will also help you be more grounded, make better decisions and avoid the pitfalls of leadership.

Individual One-on-One Sessions

Want to understand your Unique Career Design?
Let's work one-on-one to unlock your personal potential.

The Career Design Blueprint in the perfect place to start!

Tuck Self

Always felt like she was pushing, forcing, rebelling or having to stay quiet to now experiencing great freedom to just be herself.

Chris Montoya

Became aware of how he can be emotionally triggered by others and now is able navigate relationships without being thrown into a dysfunctional response.

Alina Jitariu

Felt lost, always searching for purpose and meaning in her life and career. Now she has finally found what she was always searching for.

Searching For More Depth or Additional Support?

Check out these addition one-on-one sessions for for additional depth and to dive deeper into other aspects of your Career Design.  It is recommended that you start with a Career Design Blueprint before booking any of these more advanced sessions.

Get Your Personalized Free Report to Start Your Journey of Discovery!

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