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Karen is available for both in person and online events including corporate training, workshops, podcasts, conventions, summits and more.

The material can be customized to your business, organization or group.


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Emma Patricio

Director of Admissions,
Lifestyle Prescriptions University

""As a lover and student of Human Design, I was slightly concerned that I'd find BG5 a bit dry by comparison. I really couldn't have been more wrong - this is a teaching of depth, nuance and the endlessly fascinating exploration of what it means to be human. I've learnt so much about myself during Semester 1 + 2 and I can't recommend this course highly enough. Imagine if BG5 Foundation training was part of the curriculum for 16 year olds as they consider their work and further education choices? We'd transform the world in a generation.  


A particular thank-you to Karen Sherwood whose calm, systematic delivery of the material has really helped it 'land' for me."

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